Hi there!

I’m Amy Norman-Foster

 I help people develop their intuitive skills through private readings, coaching and online workshops.

I have been uplifting and awakening souls around the globe with my aura readings, wholistic healing sessions and expert tarot readings for over 25 years.


I feel a deep magic flowing in my work and have had the honor of working with amazing clients, groups and teachers who have all played a blessed part in my story. 

Through my lifetime obsession with intuition, spiritual discovery and living a mystical life.  I have been given many of the lessons and tools I use now, to become the wise oracle woman I am today.


I am here to guide, uplift and point the way for a breakthrough to happen for you, during our session.

I believe that we all have a deeply creative nature and by expanding our intuitive minds, we are capable of incredible creativity, problem-solving and subtle energy magic that we have not yet begun to fully tap into as a culture.

I was born in the USA (Michigan, then spiritually in Maine) and after a few years at Carnegie-Mellon University, I headed to Amsterdam, where I was free to redefine and discover my spiritual gifts and live a spiritual life without limitation. I became a yoga instructor and studied with some incredible teachers on the art of intuitive reading throughout Europe from 1983-2012. 


I am a mother of an amazing daughter who is not only extremely intuitive, but a dynamo of energy, talent and feminine power.  I am the creator of the Career and Intuition Workshop, The Tea & Tarot Workshops,  and the new -  Clairvoyance & Life Purpose - an online course.

It’s my intention to create a school for intuitive and psychic development online and continue to grow my Tea & Tarot local groups specifically for developing intuitive abilities, healing and creating community connection in San Diego, CA.

I am an Expert Aura Reader, Authentic Tarot Consultant, Chakra Yoga Instructor for 25 years, and surprisingly, an award-winning chef, I have been teaching and coaching spiritually for over 30 years. My training has been 15 years long and very intensively focused in Europe and India.

Readings and consultations are available Monday through Saturday, by appointment only. Feel free to use the Contact page to ask me anything, I am a heart centered human with a mission to inspire and empower others on their own amazing journey.


I hold myself to the highest ethical standards and will in no way misrepresent or misuse the information I am privy to. 

Although intuitive sessions have access to probabilities and make predictions, I am firm believer that free will is always at play, and there are no absolutes in outcomes. We are by nature, creative spirits and it is our uniqueness and freedom that gives us the right to create the lives we want. I therefore, would recommend at any rate consulting a doctor, lawyer or other experts, on questions that require thorough investigation and due diligence.  My role is of a spiritual and compassionate nature. My aim is to help those who need to find their true path and power now, and help guide you towards living an authentic, intuitive, and magical life. 

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