Free tarot reading

Get aN accurate tarot reading right now!   
just select 3 cards ...
it’s free!
the deck I used is:
the Sacred rose Moon Garden
published by US Games 


Hi,  Amy Here,

I’ve created these easy, breezy resources to help you boost and access your intuition and live your best life in magical and practical ways.

With over 25 years of intuitive development, I am proud to offer real guidance on how to tap into your own amazing intuitive abilities.


  • Overcome the challenges you are facing now.

  • Gain a fresh, new perspective.

  • Confidently take your next step, and trust your intuition!

These resources are meant to awaken your intuition with integrity

and compassion for yourself, the planet and each other.

Please use with care.

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I would love to hear from you.

Amy Norman-Foster

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