How to Find Your Life Purpose

(Before It’s Too Late)

If you are stuck at the crossroads, lacking inspiration and ideas, if you are finally fed up of not knowing which direction go with your life.


 If you know you want to live a more fulfilling life, but you're not Steve Jobs, and you can't afford to hire an expensive coach to figure it out for you... Then this message is for you, and here's why...


You can now use your intuition to receive fresh intuitive inspiration as we hang out in my boho bootcamp and tap into your potential as you discover and define your life purpose.


And you need to realize that there is a cost to not figuring out your life purpose


If You Ignore Your Life Purpose Things Get Worse




What most people do when starting a new chapter in their life is

to look at every shiny object that comes along-  a new job ... have an affair, get drunk, get depressed, move to a new city, get a fancy car, buy an expensive wardrobe, go on a big impressive vacation ... and the list goes on and on.


But for most people none of that will work

-They don't really understand how finding their life purpose nourishes their happiness


- They don't really know what they should focus on at all, to change things



- They don't know how to articulate their whole soul alignment in ways that blesses their connections and future successes, too


-Most people are just winging it and don't want to know there’s more to life because that would mean they are already missing out


- And most people can't afford to go on a retreat to an ashram in India... to get clarity on their purpose and destiny, even though they feel deep down, that there is something in this lifetime they were meant to do.


And what happens if you do nothing?


What if you keep doing what you've been doing?  Well, nothing... and you repeat the same old story, with the same old crowd, and you secretly hope no one notices when you mutter something about going for the "good benefits package" instead of living an extraordinary a life- one of growth, blessings and fulfillment which taps into your heart and soul and brings in more meaning and satisfaction to yourself and others. A life that has more potential than your mind can possibly imagine- and yet it has been whispering in your heart now, even now!... to do the thing you are called to in this lifetime. 


How I Can Solve

Your Life Purpose Dilemma


I have an answer that works. Here's the story:



I have had so many people come to me for readings about their life purpose, but most people seem to miss the point that they have their own inner vision, clairvoyance, and can tap into their own intuition in a way that will directly give them the answers they seek ... if they know how to look.

And even though I encourage people to develop and listen to their own intuition, many people struggle with knowing exactly what steps to take.

Then I had an idea, what if I developed a beginner’s training that created an exclusive focus on finding their life purpose and vision by using your own intuitive abilities?

What if I could help people find their life purpose and find their Joy in life.

And what if they walked away after only a few hours with a bright uplifting vision of their future and had the tools they need to keep taking steps to live that purpose?

 Well, it’s not be too late to make your dreams come true.

But you have to act now. 

Let's face it -you won't live forever and dreams can pass you by if you don’t take action.

I’ve taken the over-whelm out of clairvoyance, and kept all of the magic!

It worked for these clients and it will work for you too...

So here's what having a life purpose and vision did for me. I started my business as an intuitive reader, it let me expand my intuitive skills beyond anything I could imagine, and helped me find a wonderful husband, live a happy life in beautiful Southern California, and leave behind a past that, well, quite honestly was filled with sadness, lonliness and despair.

And, it's not just me that gained tremendous positive momentum by choosing to live my life purpose, it’s also what my intuition has done for others-  to help them find more joy, authenticity and direction ...


What Other People Love about This Workshop:

I love Amys new mini-course on clairvoyance and Life Purpose! Amy is such a gifted clairvoyant and coach, doing this mini-course was like working with her one-on-one.

I especially enjoyed the audio meditations, she has such a calm, comforting voice and uplifting energy. As a retired educator I was impressed with the well-planned design of the modules, support matrerials and presentations. Thanks, Amy, for sharing your gifts in this way!"   - Valerie C. Encinitas, CA






It's Decision Time


Your life matters! And it's your chance to live up to your true potential while you still can.

When you sign up for the clairvoyance and life purpose course you will be guided step-by-step to explore your life purpose and discover what is calling to you - with engaging videos, audios and worksheets. 

  • We will make your intuition speak up.

  • We will envision your life purpose.

  • We will deep dive into your values on a soul-level

  • We will brainstorm your mission and goals

  • We will, in other words, whole-heartedly define your life purpose and future vision in four simple steps, using your very own clairvoyance as a guide.


... That's right!

A clairvoyant online course that if I offered on a one-to-one basis it would cost a minimum of $1000 in coaching fees... and is priceless to your happiness and peace of mind. And it's yours now, for a tiny fraction of that amount. 


It all comes as a part of the four-part workshop that will cost only $29 USD

Yes, You Read That Right - This Course is only $29 USD

And you are.... 100% safe to try this out.

That's all I'm suggesting, just try the online workshop and see if it works for you and if it does -you'll be delighted -and I think that's exactly what's going to happen!



This is what you get in the 4-step program:


  • 4  videos on how to use clairvoyance


  • 4  fully guided journeys to connect with your life purpose


  • 8  Worksheets, planners and transformational tools to align now with your purposeful life.

  • You get to begin your next chapter, a be here for yourself 100%


Recognize what you've been called to do in this life - and start creating something deep from your soul.


We'll take these inner journeys together,


Defining your vision, polishing your intuitive skills...  and if some reason you are not delighted from day one and the amazing speed with which we work together to tap into yourlife purpose, than just let me know and you will get all of your money back, you just need to email me and that's it. We will still be friends... and I've never have had anyone ask for this by the way.


How Intuitive Are You?

You have a choice to make-- do what you've been doing, or worse do nothing at all and miss out on your life purpose. You know where that will lead: losing time you can never gain back again! Is that really where you want to go?  Take a new action and get a new result! Finally get that Purpose, and reconnect with your soul- that is nudging you to start a new chapter now.


What do you really want for yourself?

Get Your Vision and Purpose Now!

Here's what to do:

Just click on the button below!

It will take you to my course on  You can make the $29 payment from a secure server and access the course immediately!  I promise you you're going to love this. Within just a few short lessons you will have an uplifting and inspired vision of your life purpose, using your own clairvoyance as your guide.


Get Clear on Your Life Purpose In This 4-step program

for only $29 USD

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