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Hi, My Name is Amy Norman-Foster

Sacred Rebel Oracle Cards by Alana Fairchild

Intuition has its own subtle and psychic language and offers a huge reservoir of information for you 

to tap into.

Past, present and future

are available when you use your capacity for sensing, communication and energy management.

Intuition also awakens a deeper truth within you, and enriches your life by adding more wisdom, authenticity, and sensuality  to how you experience life each day.

  • Use intuition to read others or yourself.

  • Increase your perception dramatically.

  • Develop your inner compass.

  • Define your purpose and passion.



Tap into Healing, Navigation, Potential.

Your high-sensitivity is a genuine gift in this world. You don’t need to manipulate others to manage your energy, and live a fabulous life.

Your intuition will show you how to harness your true power and problem solve in a spontaneous and effortless way.


Experience insights beyond your wildest dreams. Become a channel for the Universe to heal itself. Become a creative powerhouse.

Welcome to purely intuitive, an authentic space for intuition and transformation.

Live Readings and coaching available via Skype,  and phone, by appointment only.



 ... and can SAVE YOU years of going in circles, doubting yourself and feeling worried about

your next move.

Come in and DSICOVER  the vision that empowers you,

and dissolves your limitations;

You are worth it!

You are closer to the answer

than you may think!

Live Aura Readings Via Skype from 

San Diego, CA 

By Appointment Only

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